Day: November 27, 2018


Laphumi langa, phantsi kwamafu Inqindi phambili ngamandl’ enkululeko Bedikiwe zingcinezeloko zalomithetho Sangcwal’ izitalato isizukulwana sika phalo Matters forced them to strike their harsh realities of endless inequalities Amandla ngawethu, idolo phezulu “Down with Bantu education down” “To Hell with Afrikaans” As they matched the streets of Soweto Over 15000 uniformed black students scattered, blood shattered …

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A deadly chemical imbalace vessel rolling down the Garden of Eden. The spirit in that body was shaking… That was burning was the supernatural. @%$$!$(&*^%$@%^#!#%$&*$!@~ Not the kind of language humans speak. Wait, not even the kind classified as “tongues.” POSSESSED The Pope and the high Priests send out a memo to the men and …

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