Our Generation

Text, text, text is all we do,
Yet when we have to write a two-page essay its such a drag that we would rather not do it.

But have you ever thought of how many conversations you engage in, in one hour, switching from application to application???

Now compare that to a two page essay, really now!
Teacher won’t smack because I HAVE RIGHTS, so why not just leave it anyway?! Mxm

Wonder if they still preach the sermon of education being the key to success,
How then will the key even turn to open, when education is being thrown down Limpopo rivers,

And our supposed preacher only delivers books half way through the year,
With a matric final exam flashing red lights four months down the year…

While back then we ran to our grannies to seek wisdom, knowledge and guidance,
Bloody cowards run to snatch a shag because ba tshaba ho shela…

Whatever happened to respect for your elders…
Trapped in this generation where teenagers would rather seek a future between legs naked than behind a desk in uniform.

Hoping for government grant so they can go get wasted,
And here am talking sweet sixteen beautifully colourblocked with shades, While the little infant at home is fed sugar water because it is free.

Word of advice, lose the shades because future is way dark,
That’s why you tripped and fell on that “hose” and mistakenly got preggy.

Sucked so much by technology,
That instead of googling reproduction for a physiology assignment,
They google it to actually literally practice it.

Come monday morning physiology class they are tired as hell,
Know absolute zilch about reproduction,
And only realize 9 months later what it actually is.

Could this still be a way of learning??!
Our generation needs God,
Our generation needs salvation…

I am Hadio Madam Chairlady Mosia in facebook

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