My Offer

You like what you see,
but can you handle what you get?

Would you keep ahold of it
or play it in your life of regrets?

I don’t have much to offer you,
I’m just a mother of two,
Trying my hardest to make it in life,
pressing my way through.

I can’t promise you things I don’t have,
but I can share what I know.

By slowly giving you my best at heart,
something other guys don’t know.

You approached me with sincerity,
and greeted me with your best.

And I done likewise,
and leave the other moves and thoughts at rest.

We took time to know each other
to see the differences and the likes.

To examine our personalities
to prevent all the discomfort of mights.
Time will tell if we are able
to stand the feelings or leave it to be.

But in our eyes, there love stands,
gazing as sweet as it can be.
I’m not rich nor famous,
nor do I have all my ducks in order.

I’m just a real simple lady,
one out of a million like a four leaf clover.

Not pushing you away
or letting this opportunity go to pass.

Just introducing you to this woman of real love,
the one that will make it last.

I am Scorpie Ngwana Moruti Mofube on facebook

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