Love: Letters. For When?

I Am Missing You.
Take 1. I’m not sure if I am lonely or I just miss you. Maybe one day you will come around.

Take 2. You are safety and beautiful and truth. You are a friend and real and a loving me. I am so safe and secure and impressed that I could be set free by loving you. And being loved by you.

In all the times that I was lonely and scared and afraid, I realised that I was just missing you. You have always been my soul and just around the corner, and I am loving. You. Enough.

Take 3: I am married to my work and my life and this treacherous process of finding myself. Sometimes I wish I could trade it in for a fling. Something cheap and light and memorable, but not really.

I am stuck here in this life with all these myriads of little promises that now, I have to live up to. All these yeses and hopes and dreams.

Take 4: I have always been your escape route Call me. You know exactly what that means.

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