The Ones We Love…

Are never ever gone, they forever live in our hearts…
And I feel your spirit inside of me and it makes me want to be a better person, to touch more people. To have as great an impact in other people’s lives as you did.

I cannot believe that this is already the second weekend that you are no longer in the same physical space as us.
I went to Durban with the aim to just have fun and forget it all.

And fun was most certainly had but also time for reflection during those moments when silences prevailed or music was the conduit with which to communicate with my soul.

I listened to this song that someone had sent to me; Time of our Lives by Tyrone Wells. I believe I may have listened to this track well over 50 times already.
The words to the song are so appropriate and really speak of what I am feeling, thinking and it does it very well.

So I go from writing as though I am talking to you directly, as well as talking to the reader.
What I lacked when my biological mother passed away were the words and the how to put them together in a way that would make the most sense and bring to me, much needed support and comfort.
Anyways, it seems that today the spirit that dominates in that of my mother…

I discovered this song in my list of hundreds of songs: Lucky Dube Steel bars/mirror mirror.
And I am so in love with it and it just keeps making me think of the trips we would make to KZN to visit family members and how that was such a big deal. and then it also conjures up images of nature in general, which makes me think of you, Carl.

Having always been someone that prefers to write things down rather than speak them…I am finding that this is helping me out.
I have a sneaky suspicion that there will be more entries like these in the next few days or weeks.

For now, this is enough.

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