Let Us Begin

Let us begin shall we
Elevate the frequency
Recharge your spirit
Gather your life force, chi
Clear the mind space.
Cleanse the Sahu
Clear the sacred ground, all of it is sacred, only polluted.
Clear the sacred ground.
Raise your energy centres

Flow the love energy,
Open all the blockages
Honour the new space
Redefine your destiny
Step into your new identity
Which is your old identity
Remembered and reborn
Speak the words of power
Speak the words, with power.
Reignite your senses
Reconnect into the earth
Purify the temple
Surrender the old leaders in all the old spaces.

Clean intention
WIll intention
Speak the Word of God
Leave all the old things behind
Be as you are, too wild and powerful and uncontained for it
Own your words
Fulfill your prophecy

Accept the mantle
Learn the language
Free yourself from fear
Free yourself to courage
Live. Free from fear
Let God Come Manifest
Call Her by Her name.

Trust the wisdom
Trust the Knowledge
Move in alignment with the right timing.
Be the First and Final Mother
Be Divine
Let us begin shall we.

I am Gugu Kweli Kheswa on facebook

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