Just in Case

When all emotions seem to be at a loss,
It is ourselves who pay the cost.

To the ones who seem not to notice
The changes are the ones we keep in our dreams.

The feelings we try to hide deep within
Are the ones that will forever haunt us again.

If you sit back and admire yourself – what would you say?
Well for myself I would just choose to let my life lay.

The pain and scars no one can see and feel but you.
Others always seem to ask,
“Why are you so blue.”

If you try to explain they make you feel insane.
I sometimes wish I could scream but no one would hear
’cause it’s my heart that yearns to be heard.

Instead I hold in the hurt for years and still
Fight back many nights of tears.

So, no one will know why I am the way I am.
I talk so much but never truly say what I should.

If I could only release the pain that is torturing my heart
Maybe someone would understand what I feel.

So alone in this big world and my actions from the past
I can’t change…

So, when you see me your may say I am strange,
But you don’t understand…

I am Scorpie Ngwana Moruti Mofube on facebook

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