For All the Strange and Beautiful Men Who Are Trying to Love Me

Dear Universe, and all the strange and beautiful men who are trying to figure out how to love me. It is not simple, any more, but it is still easy. You will need to learn how to get accustomed to loving a spirit which is like the wind – wild and fierce tornado sometimes, gentle, quiet caressing. All of which are true.

You will have to come to understand that I cannot always be held, sometimes, not tangible, but my heart lives bold, holds widely, knows intimately into your essence and your soul. Will you be able to handle that? Will you be able to know that I am not something that is made to be possessed, neither is it my intention to possess you?

That, like the beautiful encompassing power of all that is sweet, and Mother, and Nature, you are nurtured by a love that is complete and consistent, is magic, is peaceful, is latent sometimes (as much as it can be). Is force and infinite and fierce nonetheless. I am fierce nonetheless. It is easy to mistake my quiet for sundry, my sultry for seduction, my silence for steel.

I am vulnerable too, strong flower strong roots but vulnerable still. Wind beaten, rain slashed, sun stained but vulnerable still. A love such as mine is deep and full and far reaching and extends from within the very heart of me, yet I am Love still. Will you be able to handle that?

Will you know that often I am scared to peel apart this brick wall around my heart. That you must be able, be present, be still, to prove yourself worthy. Loving me is not simple, any more, but is easy. It is not for the faint hearted, not for the weak willed. I am simply warming my newfound wings in the sun, feeling myself, under my skin. Soon, now, then – I will fly.

Shamelessly and elegantly and exponentially and I will not stop and you must be able to match me, or at the very least catch me. Can you handle that? Can you handle me? Can you catch me? No longer simple. just easy.

I am Gugu Kweli Kheswa on facebook

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