Dear Youniverse

Dear Universe, Spirit, Self and all the other entities that have been running around trying to hustle me for a piece of my mind.
You can have it.

I don’t necessarily need it, now that I am feeling my way through earth and planes purely on the vibrations of my free, queen and seas. I’ve been kind of following the direction of the Free Queen who Sees, so you can keep the mumbo jumbo.

But leave the animated cartoon part. And the ice cream and chocolate loving too, that’s essential.

For now though, my words verbs and absurds are quintessential and as far as I am living in this dimension, the exit portals are no longer just pure potential so, thanks for the chaos, and the rollercoaster, and the life.
Thanks for the confusion and the pressure and the strife.

Thanks for the soft and lovings, the hugs and comings, the continues adrenaline rush of the never ending parade of firsts. The thirst quenchings in the testerone sweatings, the beauty of solitudes and selfs.

And the beautiful garden from the compost of my mind seeds watered from the everlasting ocean, so my Free Queen, she can sail, and hail no other Goddess but her self.
And for all of the help.
I love you.

I am Gugu Kweli Kheswa on facebook

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