Caught in the Middle of Two Worlds

I’m caught in the middle of two worlds, YET,
I can only go in one direction.
I sit there in the middle of both roads with great turmoil and confusion.

This might as well be one of the greatest decisions of my very young life.
Both of these two worlds deserve to be happy; they both deserve to have me in there life.

But, I really can’t decide what to do.
These two worlds are so much alike but in the same way so much different.

one world is in the east where the sun has already set,
where it has already lived it’s life, and has already reached it’s climax.
It has already attained everything that it was supposed to have achieved in life.

The other is in the west where the sun is just beginning to rise.
This world has so much potential; it has so many ideas, and in the long run,
it might even turn out to be the better world, but what do I do?
Do I wait and see what happens?

Even though I feel I really owe it to both worlds to make a decision about it right now,
I feel like it’s not fair for them to wait.
Why was I the chosen one?
Why do they show so much care and affection towards me?

I sleep and dream about combining both these worlds, making one,
but I know that it can never be possible.

I know that both worlds have the ability to make me very happy;
both worlds are very good and any person would die to be with either one of them.

It’s as if my body has become cut in two. When I’m with one,
I think about the other, and when I see another person with the other,
I really get jealous. I want them both to myself.

The funny thing is that these two worlds know each other,
and they are totally ok with each other.
They show no sign of anger or hate.

The only thing they show is total respect for one another.
It’s so strange, but it’s very true. What should I do; where do I go from here?
It is now time to make a decision.

I know I should just close my eyes and let my heart decide,
but what do I do when my heart is also confused?

I am Scorpie Ngwana Moruti Mofube on facebook

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