A Ravaged Expectation

Every time I said Hello…
I expected her to smile…
Every time I said Goodbye…
I expected her to be sad…
Every time I called her and told her how much I miss her…
I could feel the expectation in me aroused for what she will say next or maybe what I expect her to say in return…

The awkward silence from her, gravitated the rising flames of affection in me
Got hit hard by Heartburn!
She in her own words believed that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’, but…
Doesn’t absence grow people apart?

A question that left me in the unforgiving coldness of confusion
Words like”out of sight out of mind” sprung to mind, coiling my emotions into emptiness while trying to rub off residues of confusion that want to reside in me.

Maybe my affection towards her affected my expectations from her
I rolled my spiral brain in circles of thoughts, saw where the idea was heading, it gave me a head-ache, not even a brandy-ale can ever aid this pain

A picture of US
painted through a transparent mirror
A portrait worth every tear and crack seen as veins of a soul shuttered by pure absence of mutual feelings

I snapped back into reality,put the cap on to hide the shame in my eyes
As Expected, friends suddenly became Experts

I couldn’t even process most suggestions/advices they flooded my conscience with
I decided!
If it is to be, it will be!
If not, I did my part
A clear conscience is what I will carry through!

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