The Quiet Violence of My Dreams

In my head
In the labyrinthine tunnels of
my dark twisted mind
We’re a perfect match
There are no complications
No Spouses, Children or Family
Stand in between

It’s just the two of us
In my selfishly formed utopian universe,
where burning passion and
Sweet tender affection
Dance in the perfect union of love
to the uniform rhythm
of our beating hearts.

So my dearest love,
I will surf the billowing waves of information
On the World Wide Web
If only to glean the tiniest scraps of data
To confirm that you feel
even the faintest hint
Of the same emotions
That keep me awake at night

I’ll trawl your Twitter timeline
Investigate your Instagram feed
Sift through Facebook posts
For that sign to validate my obsession
I’ll stalk discreetly
Checking out your partner
Your family, our mutual friends and
Passing acquaintances

I’ll know your schedule and your habits
How you like your eggs, what you had for supper
The fact that you skipped gym this morning
I’ll plot and scheme how we’ll meet
But until then,
You will know of neither
The intensity of my passion nor
How vividly your face is etched
in the quiet violence of my dreams

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