Maybe I Imagined You

It is a low blow.

I am not sure where I feel the pain, but I feel pain.

It is so numb, I am so cold.

Suddenly I am not even sure of who I am.

One moment I was in love and it made so much sense, it made so much sense to want you to hold me.

All I wanted was for me to be held, my breath on your chest

But now I am numb

I am cold.

I wonder if you can still hold me,

I look at my smile and there are no promises that lie in it.

Everything I thought I was certain about, the love that was promised between the two of us.

Nothing makes sense anymore, I cannot be sure of what we had.

Did we really have something or was it all in my mind?

Did I imagine you? The love that I thought we had.

Did I imagine us?

I am numb, it does not make sense.

One moment it all seemed real and the next it was pulled right under our feet.

Maybe I imagined you.

Maybe it was never real, it was all in my mind.

Lost in a bubble where I thought you were mine and I had given myself to you.

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