Her Heart

Those are just words.

I love you. I love you too…
Don’t mean shit if it’s just said to serve a selfish purpose, to pass time, cause you were in love and had been saying it since. Even though it faded and you just don’t want to grow up and move on. You’ve been done! Going home is a drag but because you can’t break a promise and can’t disappoint your relationship fans, you go home and say “I love you, I love you too.” Just words, waste of breath. Waste of your time. Waste of days that you could have been happier.

What’s meant to be shall be.
I don’t know but I find it difficult to believe that everyone who is 7 feet under, was meant to be there at the time they were put there. So, rich people are meant to be rich and poor people meant to be poor. Sad people are meant to be sad… everything horrible happening in their lives is meant to happen because they are not meant to be happy? And happy people? If we’re meant to be, we will be? So I’m meant for someone in this world and s/he must just find me? Because you know “us women are meant to wait for a man to find us…” I don’t know. Why do we even bother writing if we’re meant to be writers? We’re going to be writers anyways!

I think some words are meant to calm us down and help us look forward to living. I also believe we have control over most situations.

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