It pains me having to listen to you. You sound so broken.
There is so much pain, sorrow and sadness in your voice.
I can hear how hard you are trying to suppress that scream.
How hard you are holding back the flood gates.

Weep my dear, let it all out.

Come here let me hold you tight.
I need not know what is troubling you. All I need of you is to know that you can always find comfort on my shoulder when you are in distress.
You will be embraced in my arms, my grip will be tight yet firm and comforting. I will hold you in total silence and allow you to break.

Weep and wipe your make-up all over my white shirt I don’t mind. Just let it all out.
I will hold you tighter than I did previously.
And not utter a single word. You will be permitted to let all the pain out in buckets.

Cry a river my dear one, build a bridge if you may and I will walk over it with you.

Weep my dear, let it all out, spare no drop. Let it all out

Weep for the times you were left alone with uncle Bob.
Weep for the time he walked in the bathroom while you were bathing your 14 year old undeveloped body. Weep for the times he forced his filthy, erect STD-infested penis inside of you.

Weep for the time you bled uncontrollably on your on your 7th month of pregnancy, all this after you 4th attempt to fall pregnant.

Allow your heart to break, let it be out and bare. Let it bleed in my hands as I try put the pieces back together.

Weep for the times you wanted to go jog at at 18:00 in the evening but was too afraid to do so because. MEN!!!

Weep for the times you had to do a presentation at 09:00 after a sleepless night of trying to soothe your four-month old baby who was restless since 3am to sleep.

But don’t stop weeping, weep my dear, let it all out

Weep for the times you’d wake up annoyed at the sight of seeing blinding lights and a smiling doctor or nurse after a failed suicide attempt.
Weep for your body that is covered in scars because watching inflicted pain heal smooths you.

Weep for the times that you had to say “thank you for your time” after a failed sales pitch over the phone.
For the time you had to keep your calm with a rude caller.
For the times your team leader would calculate your working hours incorrectly leaving you at a negative.

Weep for the times you slept on the kitchen floor with your siblings.
Weep for the times your school uniform would be soaking wet after you crossed a river to get to school.
For your little body getting shook in the depth of winter.

Weep while looking at your graduation photos.
For the smile filed with so much sadness as your mother who sacrificed her whole life to see you get a good education not make it for your graduation day as she past on just weeks before your big day.

Weep for the times you would night cross at the ATM at each payday.
For times you’d be stand-by and at 00:00 exactly you would withdraw what’s left of your salary because well… debit orders.

Weep for the times you cried rape but nobody believed you.
For the time you were ridiculed in the court of law and ask “How many centimeters”?

Weep for the time you discovered that you are HIV positive.
For the time you were accused of being isifebe yet you’ve only known one man in your life, your cheating husband of 15 years.

Weep for the time you lost your loved ones.
For times you had to go to the morgue and bathe their lifeless, cold and pale bodies.

Weep for the time you have to explain death to a five-year old.

Weep for the times you had to be strong.
The times you had to put a brave face and be a superhero for everyone.

Weep for the times you put others’ needs first at the expense of your own happiness.

Weep for the time you had to identify your dead husband’s body in a brothel in Hillbrow.
For the time you had to sit on the mattress he shared with many other women and mourn his cheating, abusive ass.

Weep for the time you had to cover your face with so much makeup.
For the time your clothes should always have mud like stains due to the fountain plastered on your face to hide your pain.

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