Blue Jeans and a Crisp White Shirt

I sway on my hammock that is surrounded by lush green grass that is mowed down to perfect size as the sound of stillness absorbs me.

With the sun seducing my skin with its butterfly kisses I dream of the dream of our secret rendezvous.
We meet at a train station because romance’s crutches are cliches.

I, in my green Summer dress and white sandals and you in a crisp white shirt and blue jeans.
We embrace, because a hand shake would defeat the purpose of the over-night bag you have slung over your shoulder.

You smell amazingly manly *grrrr*
and I quickly erase the thoughts I have about ripping your shirt off.
We do everything like in the movies, have tea at the station while we discuss Paulo’s latest masterpiece and how it has come to fruition with our union at the station.

We eventually leave that place, intuitively shielding our eyes at the same time with Ray Bans but the light blinds me and I awake to find a blue and white butterfly fluttering on my green dress as I continue to sway in my hammock, enjoying the flirtatious kisses from the sun and the dream I live in my happy place…

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