Wame Mosetsanyana

Tsatsi la matsalo a gago ke ne ke le gongwe, fatsheng leo o sa le itseng. Missed your first cry but remember what could possibly be you millionth…

Phone call one late night and you refused to say ‘Hi’. Only after a little while, in the background, your voice imaged and that was it for me…

Wa ntlampurela ka matla a tau tse lesome motshegare mongwe…

Ke gopola o ithaya goge kae go tshabela fa fela ke emelela mo fatse.
Gosh,so many memories that seem to be from yesterday.

Dreams I DO NOT want to let go of.
Dreams of you!
Gatwe blood is thicker than water.

Gongwe ke nnete fela eo nnete ke matlakala fela when it comes to what you and I have.
Tsala yame, segopotso sa botshelo, my sanity, my teacher, se opisa tlhogo yame, mooki wame, wena o wame mosetsanyana and that is that!!!

In my heart you stay, my head you dance, my spirit you dwell, in me you are!
Though distance is so great, the Mother-Daughter bond we have NEVER dies…

Proud to be yours and know in you, I am!
Your presence alone remedies the craziness of my world.
You are FAITH!

The sparkle in your eyes when you look at me inflates my ego go feta eo rrago anang nayo.
At night time I wish to meet with you in my dreams.

But morning reminds me that I need not do so because you are part of my DNA (To hell with genetics).
God willed it and so it is!
Wena O wame Mosetsanyana

I am Omphile Onkgopotse Dimpane on facebook

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