Stolen Moments

They’re what I think of
When I feel your lips on mine

Every kiss a defiance against society’s norm
Every smile and every word between us a well known secret

A treasure in plain sight
I get lost in you,
With the ease of stepping into a silent room
Everything in the world fading away

Every thought in my mind engulfed completely
by the forbidden tenderness in our hearts
There is nothing but you and me

as I feel your hands on my cheeks,
the rise and fall of your chest as you breath
Knowing that you are alive in my arms

That we connect in a way so few could imagine
That just by you living, just being
I am filled with more life, my spirit uplifted

My emotions overwhelmed with joy
with happiness only found in these moments
But stolen time must be returned

We part, the world coming back into focus
I walk away knowing,
That every time I leave your side is harder then the last
The weight on my soul returning

as I wonder if this is my punishment.
For sacrificing happiness I could hold,
I receive happiness that flutters in and out of my life
I can only put on my masks,
to hide away the deep rooted sadness

Put on the smile, that pretends everything I alright
Hold onto the hope,
that I will always see you again
And steal more time away

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