A fabric trail in the corridor
en route to the bedroom
Supper left unfinished

Nibbles my earlobes
Kisses my lips
Bites my neck
Sucks my nipples
Caresses my navel
Gropes the inside of my thighs
Licks the back of my knees
Sucks my toes

Goes up

With his finger,
Rubs my clit
Followed by his tongue
He sucks, he licks
He blows, hot and cold

He pauses
Calm before the storm

Ribbed and studded
Strawberry flavour
Built to endure extreme temperature
Made to survive harsh friction

Slightly lubricated for comfort
Perfect fit for heads of most sizes
My baby’s included

Wide open, I am
Very deep, he enters
Severely rough, he thrusts
Soaking wet, I get
Extremely tight, I grip him

Room dimly lit by the window side
Our silhouettes reflected on the wall
Sounds of headboards thumping against the wall
I hear:
Roaring thunder
Flushing meadows
Rolling stones,

Your nipples hard?
Now, will all the guys please stand up?

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