Covenant of Love

Love is a sweet expression communicated daily through emotion
An unwavering feeling in good and bad

Emotions cause the roller coaster yet love stands it’s ground
A wonderful creation from a Creator only made by it.

Everyday I want to tell you how much of this love I have for you
Yet I let emotions of fear, confusion, misunderstanding and guilt get in the way.

I allow these to hinder me from showing you what really exist
Doubt flounders my mind and insecurities kill my loving thoughts.

Why do I let the world confuse me from what I want and believe

Why do I let my errs make me feel unworthy of loving you yet alone being loved by you.

It said love hurts when truly love is the happiest place you can find in this world
A place of stability where we are safe when all seems unbalanced.

A natural state, a position of hope, an only connection to the one above.
I love you regardless of the whirlwind that swirls daily in and around me.

This is a bond I refuse to break for it is the truest feeling I have ever known.

I am Zwelethu Dzimba on facebook

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