Spread Over a Desk

Grabbed my shirt by the collar and pulled my inside, then kicked close the door behind. I am pretty sure it wasn’t locked, but he didn’t care! My eyes locked with the onlooker as the door slid shut. He stood there as it slammed in his face. Just as I was to recover from the shock, he slid his manhood inside me. I was way past soaking wet, no foreplay required. My skirt up to my waist he laid me flat on his desk and thrusted insanely. I grabbed a hold of his back encouraging him to go deeper and faster. A stubborn man like him obliged, who would have thought? He was standing at the edge of the table, and I was literally spread all over it. My legs wide open, they couldn’t possibly get further apart.

His member filled me up inside, you couldn’t fit a needle at the entrance. He was rock hard, is was not as long as it was thick. Felt him back and forth against my walls, his groans were in sync with my moaning and my body was hit by electrical shock; my legs started shaking and my toes curled up. He did not stop until I had my legs around his waist and gripped him so firm he could not thrust no more. He picked me up and we ambraced like I had just jumped to hug him with both my arms and legs.

Out the door, the onlooker wasn’t there anymore. He was waiting for me at the car, my husband drove off immediately as I closed the door. Got home, took a shower, and slept not like a child but was passed out like a husband.

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