Pleasure-Loving Devilette

If I let you have your way with me, would you ditch your corporate persona and let the naughty girl in you take over?
Would you dominate me and let me experience the Pleasure-Loving Devilette in you?

If I stood up hard for you, would you open up wide for me?
Would you let the Rodeo-Loving Cowgirl in you ride me like a wild Stallion and not stop until I speak in tongues?

If I whipped it out, would you deep-throat my vanilla flavoured lollipop ’til it pops?
Will you desert your shy tendencies and let the fun-giving Monster Ho in you take over?
Will you let the Pleasure-Loving Devilette in you take me to the highest point of excitement?
Will you make cum?

If my animal instincts took over, will you turn your back, go on all fours and let the dog in me enter you hard, deep and fast?

I will Carry on ’til your Toes Curl.
I will Ride ’til your Moans get Louder.
I will Bang you ’til you Grip the Sheets and Wrinkle them.
I will Bump you ’til you Scream my Name.
I will Bonk you ’til you feel Shivers down your Spine.
I will Screw you ’til you shake like you have been electrocuted.
I will f*ck you ’til you cum over and over and over.

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