Doing You

My middle finger in between your thighs, gently caressing your clit, having you raining natural juices.
That aroma escapes and gets my hormones racing, giving me a rock-hard boner.
My middle and index fingers running on your clit as though it were a treadmill got you closing your eyes and biting your lower lip with silent moans.

My mouth on your bosom, sucking and nibbling at your nipples.
I got you breathing heavy and brushing my bald head gently with your delicate left hand while your right is pulling my body closer to yours.
Your legs wide apart, begging me to use my head. Not so soon.
I gotta use my lips on you lips, the ones between your hips.
Blow you hot and cold like an ice mint.
Suck, nibble, lick your tasty cookie more delicious than a blackforest cake.

Oral and manual satisfaction, I got you reaching orgsma even before I penetrate. I got your toes sticking out erect, your hands firmly gripping whatever piece of cloth you can lay them on.

I ain’t done yet.
Entering you, deep slow thrusts signaling my arrival.
“Faster Babe,” you beg me.
I got you screaming my name so loud the neighbours called the police on me thinking I am killing you.

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