Black Beyond Black

How abstract is blackness that it may exist far beyond the limitations of its symptoms? It’s more than just fuller lips, melanin, rhythm, curves, a flat nose, mandingo dick and nappy hair.

Man dangle that black cock my way, brother. Not only fill me up like my tank ran empty, but tear my wall apart I shall surely heal upon the morrow. Good to have a deadly weapon, even greater to handle it.

There’s Mandingo in Blackness but Blackness is not merely Mandingo. Mandingo is but a symptom of Blackness.

Fuller lips could signify presence of Blackness but presence of fuller lips need not necessary denote presence of Blackness. For fuller lips are us but we are not merely fuller lips.

Many exhibit melanin but Blackness is not found within them. Fanon, Biko and X wrote about them. Many lack melanin but are the core essence of Blackness. Reaffirming what lies beneath and not the deception that meets the eye. Melanin is but a symptom of Blackness, yet Blackness is not melanin.
Smell is the sharpest sense, best arm yourself with a flat, broad nose to smell all the nonsense from far. Life is not all shitty, these nostrils receive best the aromatic aspects of life.

He said the dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum just so he could rhyme drum with dumb. It’s a black thing to be rhythmic, and certainly rhythmic to be black.

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