Becky and the Boys

Hello my friend,
I finally got settled at my new place. It’s a cottage inside a private residence, a walking distance from work. Life is finally looking up, choma. I’m sending you this inbox from my new BlackBerry 9300. You also need to get one, Nokia is so 19what-what.

Anyway, I also bought a double bed and a big screen TV. The only thing missing are couches, but James said he’ll make a plan and pay cash for it as it will make his wife suspicious if he takes them on his credit card.

My friend I also got myself adult DVD’s and a new toy. This one has two heads for double satisfaction. An absolute necessity for a woman in her early thirties, like me. The main reason I’m inboxing you is to let you know of the orgasmic fun I had last night.

I had just locked the door and was lying on top of the bed with my back and had my legs apart, with my toy between my thighs. I was enjoying these vibrations when I heard a gate slam. That scared me as I also heard two male voices. I was gripped by fear and just tossed my toy on the side of the bed. Such anti-climax. It felt like a man had just ejaculated as I was getting heated up. My heart beat faster as I heard the voices grew louder and heading towards the direction of my kitchen door. Eventually, there was a bit of silence followed by a knock at the door.
“Who’s there?” I asked with a nervous sounding voice.
“It’s me Bob, from the House. I’m with my friend Mike. Was just wondering if my mom didn’t leave the house keys with you.”
“No, I wasn’t even aware she wasn’t home.”
I heard the voices mummer something I couldn’t make out, before Bob spoke again.
“Aunty Becks, we were wondering if you would let us in. It’s kinda cold out here.”
That’s what he calls me, choma. Aunty Becks, instead of just plain Rebecca. How cool is that?!

Bob is a first year student at Varsity, he must be 19 or so and is very Hot Dark Chocolate. Defined chest, firm bum and broad shoulders. Oh, so yummy.

So, I wrapped myself with my gown and put on leggings then let them in. A chilly breeze preceded them. They would have frozen to death, out there.
“So, where are you guys from this time of the night?”
“Places, aunty Becks.” responds Bob followed by a giggle from both of them. They struggle to maintain eye-contact but take little peeks at me every now and them. All three of us sat on the bed and watched a romantic comedy. In between giggles, Mike’s phone kept ringing. He would answer it and go out to talk in the bathroom. Bob kept looking on the side of the bed. I had an idea of what he was seeing an kept hoping he wouldn’t make out what it really was. All the while trying to distract him with petty questions about school. He just gave one worded answers. Just as the movie concluded and Mike was still talking on a phone, Bob picked up my dildo and asked “Is this yours, aunty Becks?”
“No, it’s Winnie Mandela’s. Duh, who else can it belong to?”
“Is it really fun?”
“Not quite like the real thing”
I opened my legs a bit as I answered and looked at him straight in the eye. I could see him getting a bit uncomfortable. So I asked him if he knew how to satisfy a woman. I wished I hadn’t asked that. The boy broke it down for me. I was amazed by his knowledge of oral sex and foreplay. I wanted him to do those things he was saying to me. But there was Mike to worry about and Bob’s mother could also arrive anytime. The temptation overwhelmed me, though. Quite frankly I didn’t mind Mike. I just wanted my pussy to be chowed by this fresh young blood. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my thighs and said, “I think you’re all talk but no action”
He tried to protest and called me aunty Becks.
“Shhh, just for tonight, you can call me Becky. I’m ready to go to bed, wanna undress me?”
He started with my leggings. He knelt down and grabbed them with his teeth together with my toes. With his hands he grabbed my waist and helped them slide down. On its way down, he groped the inside of my thighs. My body shook like I had just been electrocuted. He then untied my gown and headed for my navel. Feeling his tongue on my belly button sent shockwaves to the lips between my hips. I was fast getting soaking wet. He didn’t look at all in a hurry, I wanted him hard and deep in me. He reached out to his pocket and took out some mint. He went down on me, my chom. The sensation the mint made against my delicate labia and erect clit is unexplainable.

One moment he would be rubbing his tongue vigorously against my clit the next he was blowing cold air over my then mint-flavoured pussy. While I was on that cold air sensation, he would blow hot air. That would send my hormones racing, I tried in vain to keep myself from screaming. I just couldn’t contain my voice. I was wet, my pussy was jumpy. All it wanted was hard, long, black dick. I begged him to fuck me. Grabbed his bald head and asked him to put his dick inside me. He slowly shook it and said, “it’s too early Becky”
He then started rubbing his index finger against my clit. It had now tripled in size and felt like it would explode. At the same time he was licking my hard dilated nipples. He gently ran his teeth over them. It made me crazy, I didn’t know what sounds I was making, I didn’t want him to stop yet at the same time I wanted his dick deep in me. My legs were wide apart, I swear I could touch one side of the wall with one and the other side with another.
“Becks, have you got condoms?”
I couldn’t speak, I just pointed at the drawer. Quickly, he fetched them before I cooled down.

Quickly, he fetched them before I cooled down. I was excited he was finally gonna fuck me. He picked me up and pinned me against the wall. Stuck between a wall and his rock hard dick, he entered and filled me up.
“Ahhhh!” This boy had dick so large, I felt as if it was on my throat. My choma, you know I have seen dicks in all their varieties but this one was something else. It reached places untapped before. Just the spots I wish James’ married dick did.

Up against the wall he banged me.
“Bob-Bob-Bob” was all I kept saying. He was deep, hard, fast and rough. That boy fucked my brains out. I held on to his rock had arms, with my legs around his waist. As he was thrusting me he kept squeezing my bum and made me feel like a Monster Ho. I didn’t mind, I was having the best sex of my life. I was so wet some of my juices were rolling down my anus.

We then changed positions, I got on all fours and he came from behind. I felt all of it in me. The feeling was just oh-so-heavenly. I felt 16 again. He was thrusting with deep strokes and started breathing heavily when Mike unceremoniously entered. I grabbed his pants and unzipped them, took the belt out and pulled out one long dick; knee length. My friend you must never take these kids for granted. They’ll surprise you. I began giving Mike a blowjob as Bob continued fucking me from behind. There was so much friction, the whole room smelt of sex. Once I had blown Mike to my satisfaction, I laid on the bed with my back and he entered from a missionary position. He went on about his business at a quick rate. He must have been warmed up by the sounds I was making when Bob was banging me hard. He was just a horny kid, not quite as skilled as Bob was. I loved the size of his dick though.

Bob must have gotten a bit jealous as his friend Mike was busy inside me, because he started rubbing his dick against my thighs. Mike and I then rolled, so we laid on our side. Bob joined us in bed and began rubbing his dick against my bum.

I directed his dick into my ass. I was then sandwiched between two large, hard dicks. They both had their arms around me. Mike around my waist grabbing my bums, while Bob was squeezing boobs. They both thrust hard. I was screaming like a little bitch. Mike came first, he must have emptied the whole bottle of inkomasi into that condom. With each cum shot, he made coughing sounds. Bob behind me made subtle sounds, but I could hear him go, “Beckyyyyy!”, as he held me tighter and tighter. We slept in that sandwich position until the morning, when we opened the windows to release the smell of that sexfest.

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