Day: November 10, 2018

Doing You

My middle finger in between your thighs, gently caressing your clit, having you raining natural juices. That aroma escapes and gets my hormones racing, giving me a rock-hard boner. My middle and index fingers running on your clit as though it were a treadmill got you closing your eyes and biting your lower lip with …

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Peeping Tom

Privacy is a rumour when you’re a student. I shared a room with a guy from Rustenburg and he used to know where all the parties were. Knew the right chicks too. Papiki wore the latest branded clothes and had the coolest phone, at the time. I still remember he was the first to have …

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I Did Dinny

I hate it when visitors I don’t know spend more than an hour in the house. I feel absolutely violated and my space invaded. So when my grandfather passed on, I knew it was going to be a challenge dealing with all the people coming in and going out. Though the funeral wasn’t at my …

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Toe-Curling. Clit-bursting. Back-scratching. Leg-hugging. Pelvis-thrusting. Name-calling. Face-making. Dirty-talking. Spine-shivering. G-Spot-tickling. Sheet-wrinkling. Headboard-thumping. Bum-pinching. Ass-spanking. Breast-squeezing. Heavy-breathing. Oooh. Aaah. Juice-squirting. If you’re into Erotica Download Here our Erotica Newsletter