Show Love While You Still Can

I had a very touching and sensitive conversation with my mother over a week ago – DEATH. She brought to the table all her life covers, investments you name it.

Before she said anything further tears starting rolling downing my cheeks uncontrollably, there I was with my dearest mom and we were discussing the proceeding of her funeral and how things should be when she’s gone.She held me and told me to gather myself. I finally stopped crying and listened attentively as she went through the documentation.

I felt a million stab wounds to my heart, my heart felt as thought it was going to rip out of my rib cage and drop to the floor as a bid to escape from the pain, at that moment I felt as thought I had already lost her.

I’ve been withdrawn since then as I can’t possibly image life without her. Now every morning when I leave for work I give her a kiss and try by all means to put a smile on her face – easy as she’s got a great sense of humor and laughs at almost everything funny I say.

That day was an eye opener. There are no words to express my love for this woman, showing love and appreciation is the greatest expression I guess.

I love her very much and there is nothing in the world that I won’t do for her. I had shown appreciation in the past – but just not enough.

We spent the weekend together for the very first time in ages. I switched my phone off, she refused to switch hers off. But that didn’t bother me much as her is not as busy as mine. Lol!

We laid in bed watched movies, shared our plans for the year, laughed, cried and laughed some more. I looked at her and smiled she smiled back and frowned and jokingly said “You look like that bastard” – meaning my father.This past weekend was the beginning of more memorable weekends to come as I’ve added spending more time with mom on my priority list.

Thank you Father, for blessing me with such a wonderful woman, who has been a shoulder to cry on, a sister and a friend.

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