I Had a Dream

In that dream I had just had night duty from hell and had had to go through rubbish to get to a meeting at 8 am. I get there, and there are three of us including the facilitator.

Lumos was there also.
It was some breastfeeding meeting. So I decide I should go.
I go.

I get there and facilitator is telling us we will have to go and join another group because she has a meeting.
We ask what they will be discussing.

And she says the Ten Steps.
So Lumos asks what that is about and references something else…

The facilitator responds rudely in Tswana and says something along the lines of do I look like I was present when that was around, please don’t disrespect me.
I get upset.
I am shaking.

I stand up and tell her that I don’t understand her response and tell her how I appreciate that she has made means to sort us out but it would have been better if she had informed us in time so that we didn’t waste our time coming there. I am standing and shaking.

And I tell her that I am not going to the other group.
I woke up and I was in dreadful, make my body shake period pains and needed to void.
That’s how I lost my grip on sleep.

Came back to try and get her to accept me again.
She was not interested.

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