Her Heart Was Wounded

She took it out of her chest…

Looked at it as tears were streaming down her face…
The pain, the sadness, the rage it carries you could see
Dripping to the floor from her heart as she had it in her hand…
Looked at it with tears streaming down her face…
She took the tool that carries emotions and feelings and has put it aside
She has taken away the object that is connected to her thoughts and has put it aside…
She removed a weapon so powerful that can destroy even her own life and have put it

After she was betrayed…
After she was dribbled and after she fell
She had fallen for a fool…
All her kindness was turned in to resentment
All her sweetness converted to bitterness

She took it! She took it out of her chest!
She looked at it with tears streaming down her face…
her heart was bleeding…
Her heart was heavy to carry! She could no longer carry it!
She had been dribbled and fell… fallen for a fool!

She thought of all offence committed to her innocent soul
All the lies that were fed to her brain that caused damage to her
She had fallen in a cavity she could not come out!
she was finding it hard to get out because she told herself that it was not a cavity that she had fallen into! She convinced herself that its alryt!

She took the heart that she was about to put aside and have put it back on its place…she had drained all hurt brought by a stranger with the joy she got from her family. Because she is a strong woman!

She took her heart, she let it heal… Saved it, for a better person.

I am Margaret Dimakatso Khoza in facebook

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