From a Miss to a Misses

Mismatched from the get-go, I somehow knew you and I weren’t gonna be the happily-ever-after type.

Coming from a tragic past of being mistreated and mishandled, I hopped aboard this misadventure with misty eyes.

I guess I was charmed.
Mischievous looks you sent my way sent misplaced misprints all over my heart.

The heart that fluttered in your presence and searched for you when you went missing.

Missing from me, but not missing in action because you were endeavoring in misdemeanors unknown to my misformed conscious… ’til now.
Can’t say I misjudged you and mistook you for a man.

Oh no, my only mistake was to ignore the inner goddess in me that warned me against your imminent misdeed.

My miseducation will lose the ‘mis’ cos I know now…

..that behind my misplaced trust was another Misses.

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