Fly Your Pretty Wings, Girl.

Mine was to never hurt you as badly as I did. I burnt you really bad, broke you into a million pieces and drove you half way to insanity – I almost killed you.

I hear pain and sorrow in your voice when you tell me what you’ve been through because of me. I hear sadness, anger, resentment and shades of hatred as well. “You destroyed me” that rings in my ears time again.

I want you to forget about everything that’s happened and we should be a happy family once again – and that’s impossible.

I can’t expect you to do that, guess I’ve set my expectations sky high. No in fact I’m just been inconsiderate and selfish.

You deserve better, way more than I could ever offer. You better off with out me girl. I love you so much it hurts – but all I did was hurt you.

I’m forced to set you free, I want you to be happy and with me I doubt you’ll ever be, with those images in your mind. Things will ever be the same between us.
Forgive me sister for I have sinned, for loving and leaving you while deep inside I still hurt.

Forgive me for welcoming you into my world, closing the trap door and escaping through the emergency exist. Please forgive me for being me.

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