Hold My Hand

Dance with me; let the inner spirits erupt into song and lose yourself in the rhythm of the beat of my heart.

Be one with me, grow young with me and let the contagious smile that decorate your face be a permanent feature on your face!

Keep your heart warm for from the core thereof flows the truth that sustains life as we know it!

It not only pumps blood that keeps flesh alive, but when kept warm, that heart is more homely to a spirit than any house can accommodate a body.

I had hit rock bottom when you laid eyes one me, but you saw beyond my current circumstance; in me you believed even when I had lost hope in myself.

Kept me going, and inspired me to keep awake and give it once more push.

The best thing about having fallen is that from there, you can only go up. For you I have fallen and up I am getting with your hand firmly in mine!

O mong too ka monwana; hara kgarebe tsohle tseo ke ileng ka akgela mahlo ho tsona ke wena a nkgapileng pelo.

O ntsherehantse wa mphetola tseketseke, kannete ke fahlilwe mahlo ebile ha ke sa bona botle ho ba bang.

Ha ke meharo, ke ipatlela a le mong feela mosadi, mme ho wena ke itholetse ena; ngwetsi ya kgolokweng, seilatsatsi sa botle ba tshomong.

Ke leboha batswadi ho ntlisetsa wena fatsheng lena. Kannete o mpho yaka, boikarabelo bo honna ho o etsa mosadi ya ikgethile hara basadi kaofela!

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