Into the Light

I have experienced darkness
I have come from the depths of self loathing that saw me make reckless decisions that could have had a lifetime of repercussions
But I was spared.

I can almost pinpoint the moment when I decided to walk into the light
The moment when I decided to take charge of my life
The moment when circumstances would not define me
Where what happened would not change my being

I still recall the absolute desolation in my life where I was left feeling so alone even in a crowd of people

I remember the amount of work that self had to do in order to reach a place of light

The dark had enveloped me in her vice like grip and she didn’t want to let go

I knew what it was to be happy, but I didn’t have the ability to reach that level

I remember thinking of myself as a shell of my former self.

Then the hard work came
Things had to be let go
Friends were lost along the way
But in losing some of the people it allowed me to find me
In finding myself
I was able to
Walk into the light

And I embrace the light
I am warmed by it

Darkness does visit me at times
But never for long
Because light is always there.

Never too far from me.


I am Thandeka TJ Jwaha on facebook

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