Book Review: John C Maxwell’s Be a People Person

Be A People Person by John C Maxwell is a self-help published in 1989 and is about how to be a leader that relates to people in order to be effective in your role.

In this book John C Maxwell demonstrates techniques that draw people towards a leader; he teaches how as a leader you can motivate others deal with criticism, lead difficult subordinates and getting everyone to buy into your vision.

This book is written in a manual form, more in line with a textbook. It’s not a really exciting format but it serves the purpose.

I quite enjoyed the wisdom of the man, especially the fact that he is unapologetically Christian -something you do not see often in motivational speakers.

With regard to negatives, the book contains way too many clichés. Some of the stuff he writes about I do not expect to pay money in order to hear. Secondly all examples of leaders he makes are white, male and American; quite a narrow way to present the face of leadership.

I’d recommend this book to anyone in management, leadership or even business.

Out of ten, I rate Be A People Person a six, you won’t die if you never read this book.

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