Book Review: George Orwell’s Animal Farm

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a political satire written in a manner of a modern fable published in 1945 and is about how freedom fighters eventually betray their principles once they take over power. Orwell makes this point making use of farm animals going through life under the oppression of a human owner.

In this book we see animals living on a farm called Manor Farm under the oppressive rule of Mr. Jones. These farm animals stage a revolution which sees Mr. Jones banished from the farm and is replaced by self-government of animals. But due to circumstances the pigs eventually find their way at the top of the food chain, and eventually reinstitute a repressive rule on the farm.

This book is written in a very entertaining language that is not only accessible to a reader of every level, but contains humour as well.

I quite enjoyed this book because it is as if it was written specifically for the current political climate in South Africa where freedom fighters have betrayed the very principles they fought for and have become the oppressors of the people.

How do I even try and find a negative on a piece of literature as near perfect as this?

I’d recommend this book to everyone that was not fortunate enough to read this text at school, I would also recommend it to everyone who read it and might have forgotten the relevance of this book in everyday life.

Out of ten, I rate Animal Farm a nine, taking away the one point solely because no one is perfect.

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  1. Nomfundo Mtshweni

    I enjoyed this book in Grade 9 (standard 7) and I wouldn’t mind reading it again. I am sure certain things will stand out to me that I did not completely understand or pay attention to then cause I am older and wiser now.

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