Until I Met You

Until I met you,
I thought I knew love,
knew what it was to be in love,
convinced that this is love,
that this is how it should feel like,
that was then.

The loves I have previously experienced seem pale in comparison,
not because the people I was with were terrible in any way,
on the contrary they were wonderful beings.

But what I feel for you makes me find it hard to find the vowels and consonants and put them together in cohesive, rhythmic sentences.

Sometimes I would just feel this overwhelming feeling of love towards you that seems to take me by surprise, rendering me speechless and numb. I feel my heart beating.

I lie next to you,
after we do the do that we do when we do what we do best,and I am acutely aware of your scent as it permeates my every pore.

I am enamoured and completely in awe of you.
I am utterly filled with great feelings of “completeness” not to say that before I met you there was an emptiness but more to say that my life feels fuller now that you are in it.

Until I met you, I did not know that it was possible to feel such a strong emotional bond to someone, I did not deem it possible to feel the multitude of feelings that tend to bombard me constantly because you are in my life.

Until I met you, I thought I knew, but now I really know.I love you more than I did yesterday and less than I will tomorrow,for I believe that the love we have will grow and grow and grow.

Until I met you – and now that I have – I want you forever.
I Love You, Baby.

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