The Power to Choose

Just watched a touching episode of FBI: Criminal Pursuit. It was about a body of a little girl stuffed in a plastic container and found pitched in a small, remote island by a fisherman.

Obviously this gruesome discovery kick-started a very intense nationwide investigation that lead the investigators back to the deceased’s mother.

Having separated with the child’s father years back, the girl’s mother met someone on the net and in no time she took up and left to move in with her new found love.

Things turned sour as the boyfriend complained about the little girl’s naughtiness and suggested that they ‘break’ her. They both, whipped, banged, tortured the girl the whole day until the little girl looked at her mom and said, “I love you mommy.”

This is what the mom told the police in her confession after her arrest. She died right there in her mother’s arms.

I want to believe that a mother, even a father, would die protecting their child. (S)he would kill anyone who tries to harm his/her baby. What makes a mother so heartless to participate in her child’s killing?

Is it fear of loosing the man in her life? Is it the promise of a good life? Is it pure evil? Is it insanity? What is it? A relationship, a marriage, a friendship that requires you to compromise your values, your morals, your belief system is not worth pursuing.

That’s asking for too much of you. Why sacrifice yourself, your kid(s) and sell your soul to the devil just to keep a lover? If a relationship or marriage doesn’t work why stay?

When something doesn’t work it doesn’t work and you’ll know it. Move on. Not even killing your own child will make a bad relationship or marriage work.

The thing is you can always walk away from a toxic situation knowing that you took a stand and gave yourself the power to choose. That, dear reader is the ultimate freedom… The freedom of choice.

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