So, I Left

I have allowed him to see the depest of me, my side to side
I have allowed him to hear a tone of my voice when it changes through the change of life,

Even if I breathe he could smell and test my breath that how connected we were.
He had seen my heart naked pouring out the deepest feeling he called me sweatheart, I smiled.
As I am sitting in a corner of my dreams, I thought ”this is what I have been looking for” I lied.

On his journey of breaking, making dreams dossapear he forgot I never show him my mind.
So I thought about all the guys I rejected just to be with him only him.
I have a power to shift away from his love and shoot memories to death, I have a power to dress my heart and escape frm his lies.

I have a power to stand and say ”I will never bow before you”.
I can shout and scream but my pride wont let me, I am a woman of dignity.

Staying does not mean happiness, going away does not mean failure but it is a sign of wisdom that says ”there is a better tomorrow”.

So I left.

I am Nelly Mnyandu in facebook

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