A Place Unimaginable

Ever been driven to a glittering space of mind where darkness can only be captured by blinks?

Where sparks are observed when smiles escape lips veil with no evil intentions?

A place where breathing is treated like an outsider, only viewed from the inside?

Where serenity is reached when the heartbeat downs its tools in no boycotting sense… and still remain lively?

A place where your soul’s existence is just an image, a photo framed in the alley of your heart?

Where thoughts drown in tears with a laceration so deep… Creeping out is just a thought they fiddle with to hide the pain.

That place where dreaming is prohibited, for you will be stripped off the courtesy, as the name of the resident area happens to be named “land that is made of dreams”.

When caught observing dreams, your punishment becomes a reality unimaginable!
Even those living in reality possess no such degree of understanding.
For their thoughts dwell more in the mistakes they have been trying to mend since their inception into human form.

A void that could have been avoided if a voice spoke with a volume higher than my blunted thoughts.
That! A place visually unimaginable.

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