This is Not a Poem

This is love from a brother to a sister.
I realised the night would be long as time stand still even though light has been replaced by the dark.

This is a sign ‘we shall all sleep.’ I’m sitting at the edge of my bed this night is unlike the other night where I couldn’t pronounce some words for pain had taken advantage of my situation.

Words won’t be enough on this screen with limited buttons, with missing alphabets where all can’t be said accurately to show my deepest heart’s intentions.

My love won’t be demostrated by these words. You know me better than that, I have no fear to let it out to you.

I needed someone like you, who allowed me to cry, who never took decisions for me but allowed me to think and decide for myself.

This is a love of a brother to a sister…
You’re never too busy for me, you have had my voice struggling when pain grew big and took advantaged of me.

Like a baby crying trying to hide, where there was nothing good but the best was to lay down and cry.
Again like you always do you pulled me up leading me on the other side of life where pain disappears, where dreams replaced by reality.

I was confused and scared you saw it all by a trumbling of my voice. You protected me from the standard of this world as you led me to onother direction where many of my kind cannot understand.

Brother I took all your words of wisedom. This is a love of a brother to a sister…

“Shout at me if you want to, if you are angry call me and tell me how you feel, you could even shout at me. I don’t mind, I’m your brother. Know I will always be here,” you said. You said that.

But I won’t shout at you for sins of people of this world. I love you so much and grateful that you are my brother.

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