The Me-ss

I am not always successful at the things I was meant to be, for you.
I am standing on a ledge trying to be a falling star.

You made wishes on me to take me out of darkness.
And now I must fall. And I am afraid…
So I linger, dwell maybe.

Held by the reluctance to go beyond what was my prospect.
I gazed upon a bottomless chasm and caught my reflection in the darkness.

I was that abyss, dark, cold & lonelyI am trying to take the time to reflect on the broken… things.

Watching my words stutter like a broken clock.
I’ve created a loop of emotions that cross over my thoughts of me.
Facing infinite possibilities of my selves, a visual contrast.

Who I am…
Who I hope I amI am giving into the illusion of a breakaway.
An escape to the million lifetimes.

Where I imagine it was easy to be great.
I keep failing…
My trials and errors weigh heavy on my eyes.

I put the bags down.
I closed them, hoping that I’d be packed away with the luggage.
Locked away with the skeletons, a chamber of told secrets.

Though my heart stopped, beaten, my breaths made a dash for the line.
I bled me…
You could literally see me in the cut.

I felt…
I felt because I allowed myself such luxuries.
Relying on emotion to satisfy the practical.
All this while trying to find my way to you.

Attempting to blossom into your wishes.
You are the voice that reads this piece to me.

The one I hope understands my silly explanations.
The shoulder I want to unburden with expectation.
The me I hope I am.
I want to make us smile.

Written by Little Orange and Tshepo Siboto.

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