Letter to Self

Dear Leo,

You’re such an amazing, young woman. You’ve been through so much childhood drama, heart breaks and disappointments and yet you’re still standing.

Sometimes I ask myself if you’re capable of being selfish, just for once, do listen to me. You’re so good at playing along when I train you to be strong but along the way, you always seem to lose the plot. That last time that you fell in love and you promised yourself that it was the last time?

And that if he broke your heart you’d never try again. It got broken a million times! You survived it all! That didn’t stop you from smiling. That last time that you wanted that job so badly but God only deprived you because he had something better in store!

Now most of your friends are getting married, engaged, having babies and you’re wondering to yourself “what’s wrong with me… why can’t I keep it together like other people”.

Maybe life isn’t all about running at the same pace with your peers. Some of us just finish the race late and hopefully with a smile on our face when we find out that the jogging was all worth it. We fell along the way when we were learning to run. We forgot to crawl then walk.

God knows that I admire you for giving your best even when you’re at your worst, for being so forgiving and kind to the ones that hurt you the most and mostly I appreciate you for being my piece of mind when I lose my sanity.

You’re a lover and a true friend.
You’re the part of me that makes me whole.

I Love You!

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