It All Started With a Shared Tear

As she started to seat down, taking a deep breath-in nearly suffocating her own lungs, she slowly looked up at me, eyes over-flowing with diamond-like tear drops.

Each blink rolling down balls of tears down her cheeks like. That red carpet at the oscars, could this be one of those chapters in her dramatic life…

I said nothing, set next to her and wrapped my hands around her so tight I could feel the warm drops of tears on my shoulder rushing out, like my touch was that release button of her unspoken emotions.

Curiosity deprived my emotions of their testosterone, I broke down too, didn’t know why I did.Already confused now I pulled her shoulders away from me and asked her “why are we crying? “, She lifted her head slowly and started smiling.

Dumb-struck! Tears rolling down my eyes, my sweet being tour-men-ted to a point of tear!

She just said to me: My soul is tired, my tyre like skin is eroding from the journey I took over the years. Carrying a fractured heart for a life-time,but never have I come across the garden of earthly delights, please take me there.

As I tilted my head to the side with a confused frown, she leaned towards me and started to kiss me.

YES, at first I refused to give into the temptation of taking ad(d)-vantage of an excruciating broken soul…
*or so I thought*

She kissed me again, this time so aggressively with more force and cause I nearly shared a tear with my tile as we hit the floor and rolled around. Now letting my deepest unspoken darkest desire speak in heaved sighs through our tangled lips, kana who am I to stand between a falling heart and a for(e)giving man-hood?

The heated body argument between us hated the sweat shed in the process, not even a tile down there could break-us apart as we got lost in the shared fountain of pure under-waist bliss.

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