I Mourn

I sit here in shock and awe
I sit here in wonder as to what happened.

I sit here dazed and confused “My God what has happened?”

Do I deserve such vileness?
Do I deserve such hatred?
What have I done to deserve such?

I’m in Shock and Wonder…Lord have mercy on me…I’m perplexed…
I’m constantly rubbing my eyes hoping I’m dreaming!

It’s a reality…
Have I murdered somebody to deserve such?
My Sin is for loving God n being His Voice…

His Oracles…
His Mouthpiece.
I’m hated for representing the Light of God…
After all I am the light and the salt of this world!

Do I hide myself under a bushel?
I mourn the loss of a relationship (or relationships)

They dug a hole for me to fall in…
they dug the gallows for me.
I have El Gibbor
He is my God.
He is my El El Yon…

I hold my peace and time will heal the rift formed by men.

I am Liandha Madondo on facebook

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