I Cried

It was a day I don’t remember, the pain so bad I cried.
The reasons I chose to wash away, my thoughts too tired.

U cannot remember the last time instability came creeping in
Unannounced it hit me square in the chest gave me one huge gasp
The air not so fresh for the senses were in a volatile state.

How do I turn away, do I? What is there ahead, can I?
Impulses pulsating an unmatched rhythm sending compulsions
When it hurts real bad you not sure so, I cried.

The floods around me were uncontrollable, my manly self weakened.
I felt them roll on both sides creating an instant reaction

They came down like hoards harder than the physical pain of hail.

My body a dehydrated to the pore with eyes flooded
A breath, a pause, a bite for taste but nothing just moist, damp uncomfortable.

Do I really have to choke at every thought
Through it all you were my only reason.

When every memory has a why attached, I cried.
It rips through you try to escape it, swallow it to feel again.

When they see a thought a misty layer almost suddenly appears
The visuals blurred and the tongue slurred to just delay.

Can I scream louder than I feel? Where is the seal?
The skin separates from muscle, vein pops and flesh rips from bone
Excruciating if you could feel it alive

So I fill the cracks to keep the strength that may still remain.To feel you forever is the need, I cried.

I am Zwelethu Dzimba on facebook

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