Dancing With Me in My Dreams

I feel his breath on my neck.
He sways me across the floor.
His hands so firm yet gentle, as he holds my waist like a sensitive feather.
He has no face but he’s dancing with me.
He whispers to my heart, a tune I’ve never felt
And when he kisses me, he inhales all the pain buried within the temple of my soul.
I exhale joy filled within his smile.
He has no face but he’s dancing with me.

Close your eyes,Hold my hand as we time travel.
I want to take you to a place where music is food for the soul.
Listen carefully, tread steadfastly.
Keep moving, step on my toes, just don’t stop, I’m holding you.

Keep your head on my chest and listen to my heart beat.Carefully follow, the tempo is insync with your dreams.
“If you stop dreaming then I stop beating,” he says to me.This man has no face but he’s dancing with me.

I’m dying to stay asleep because there’s no other place that feels so sweet.
I know love exists because I feel it in my dreams,the music is fading but you’re still holding me
And telling me to concentrate on your heart beat.

Your heartbeat is the rhythm that moves my feet.
If I stop dreaming, your heart will stop beating,
Time traveling will never be the same again…
He’s dancing with me in my dreams.

I am Kopano Destiny Kapa on facebook

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