Blank Page

Mind clear, paper clean.
I wish I could scribble our love onto public diaries.
Ink so black, point so sharp.Permanently write your “heart” for keeps.

Chapters in memory,
Your love is so sweet.
I can’t stop carving you in as a part of my dreams,
It’s a sculpture of us living in eternity.

History was written before we met.
The beauty in God’s sonnets I cannot forget,
How Shakespeare compared thee to a summer’s day.
Passion knew Life and through time it lived.

Mind clear, paper’ve lived in my memories.
As I create a philosophy of feelings,
I fail to Justify this.

You’ve crippled my Vocabulary,
My poetry is inadequate to characterize the way that you make me feel
A writers block, a blank page…
Simply to say, you mean this much to me.

I am Kopano Destiny Kapa on facebook

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