As I Cross Over to the Other Side

Clouds heavy and dark
As I yet embark
On this long and cold journey
As I cross over to the other side

I remain uncertain
Of where I’ll be sleepin’
Where I’ll be waking in the mornin’
What, where or when I’ll be eating

Yet I remain certain
Of course I’m takin’
This long and dreade journey
As I cross over to the other side
Where I go there’s no mountain
A field that stretches for hours is all there is
No water fountains

Just a fountain of blooming flowers for all to see
I leave behind my sactuary
And go where I shall commence another to build
I leave behind my family

For where I go there’s another family tree
With family I shall alway be
Though others may say it’s not my own family tree
As I cross over to the other side

This long and lonely dreaded road
Has inspired me to write this poem
And helped me open up and pour out my soul

As I go to my new-found home
May I continue to feel at home
On this globe that we call home

I am Phuti Mathipa Ramoolla on facebook

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