<3 Women <3

Make me weak at knees
I find them breath taking
I love their softness yet strength the radiates from deep within them.

I love how even when they use cologne they still manage to have a layer of feminity present.
There’s something fundamentally different about them.
I connect to them in ways that I’ve never done to any men.

I’m drawn to them.
I love to see them smile, hear them laugh Especially if I’m the cause of both actions.
Many might not understand how one woman can say that about other women and that’s okay.

It doesn’t have to make sense to us all.
It makes great sense to me.
I love women who have a tough exterior and a mushy interior.

To me they defy stereotypes of what strength is.
I love women that can get naked in front of me, figuratively more than anything else, where I can see her vulnerable centre and penetrate it.

I love to share soft kisses with women, teasing bites and passionate tumbles too.

Ooooh Yes, I’m a lady lover, a woman wanter (own created word).
My Oh My…
I Love Women.

I am Thandeka TJ Jwaha on facebook

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