Wake Up and Save Us

Awake are the malicious people of this world. Wake up sons and daughters of God, wake up brothers and sisters.

Awake are the wicked, Awake are the evil souls, Look outside they yearn for our bodies and minds. They portray themselves to be saints as they enter our brains silently, they do it patiently and think that they will control us for eternity.

Awake are the parasite, they hypnotize our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. These are the people that are poised to poison others 

Wake up you chosen ones look outside… Awake are the kings and Queens of shebeens, Awake are the drug lords, Awake are the Kings n Queens of Violence…

Wake up positive ones! Save our world from the negative! Save our children for they now worship SAB, Save our fathers they beat our mothers, Our fathers rape their daughters and our sisters! While our mothers nd sisters start to rape our brothers and  fathers

Wake up you strengthened ones… Wake up! 

I am Margaret Dimakatso Khoza on facebook

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